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Dynamic innovative marketing and business development strategist with a 20 years record international experience in cross industry lines, multichannel distribution, marketing involving start-up, growth organizations, global key players and non-profit associations. Success in new market identification and effective realization of innovations are provable. Being a bulldog in building new business and forging strong relationships with external business partners. Exceptional cross cultural mentor and coach; combine modern business habits with sophisticated characteristics of emerging markets. Prominent references confirm the efficient working: quick strong results through a combination of excellent general and expert knowledge and a wide range of experience.


Market research results imply a visual documentation. Authentic pictures with a strong expressiveness tell more than words. E.g. McKinsey, University of Oxford, USA Today, Magento and a variety of international internet portals buy licenses of photographic documentations.

"Alexander is a strategically minded person who always values ​​fairness and is able to best serve multi-stakeholder interests. Alexander takes care to achieve a broad sustainable benefit for all involved with his work. I got to know Alexander as a very competent project developer and innovator, who always finds ways to reach his goal. He combines his extraordinary knowledge of historical and cultural contexts in Africa with a rich interdisciplinary experience spanning across the continent, taking into account developments in Asia and the Middle East.

Noteworthy is his acumen for future trends, which enables him to provide a valuable contribution to innovation as a pioneer and idea generator. His own initiatives and ideas help to trigger change and positively influence and shape markets and societies."

Walter Esposito, Vice Chairman, Director, Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL) Ghana

What people say about me

  • 20 years’ experience in Africa

  • 4 years stays in Sub-Sahara Africa

  • Several stays in Asia and Middle East

  • Socio Economic Development Cooperation Projects (EZA, ADA)

  • e-commerce

  • Peer to Peer

  • New Media and online Marketing

  • Crowdfunding

  • Microfinancing

  • Social Impact Investment

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Global Economic Partnership Projects

  • Global Strategic Alliances

  • Good Practice Sharing Methology

  • Tracking Footprints

  • Innovative Product Development

  • Tactical Market Planning

  • Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Experience

  • Fundamental Field Research

  • Deep Cultural Knowledge

  • Visionary Leadership


Leopold Franzens University, 03/1993 – 03/1997

Geoscience, Master Degree

Thesis: Petrophysical And Petrochemical Methods With Selected Alpine Natural Stone

Graduated with honor, Study time reduction of 1 year (4 years instead of regularly 5 years minimum duration of study)

Degree 04/1997              Mag. rer.nat. (M.Sc.) in Petrology

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, 10/1997 – 05/1998

Marketing and Tourism

Graduated with best results


The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, 10/1997 – 04/1998

Entrepreneurship exam

Radiation protection, The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Tour guide, The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Jurisprudence, University Innsbruck

"Alex understands highly complex and multidimensional phenomenon and considers socio-cultural factors. He has a high competence in strategic partnerships with the private sector, humanitarian organizations, and for framework agreements with civil society organizations."

David Katzlinger, Head of Department Institutional Partnership Development, Fund Development and Communications. SOS Children´s Villages International

Printed Books, Market Research/Field Studies & Articles



Sarlay, Alexander: Petrophysikalische und petrochemische Untersuchungsmethoden an ausgewählten alpinen Natursteinen / vorgelegt von Alexander Sarlay, 1997. - 121, 34 Bl. : Ill., graph. Darst. Innsbruck, Univ., Dipl.-Arb., 1997


Sarlay, Alexander: Afrika Bericht, Swarovski, pages 190, 2006


Jurkowitsch, Silke; Sarlay, Alexander: Austrian high-End quality embroideries as integral part of West African cultures, International Journal of Management Cases, Access Press, Vol 11 Issue 2, 2009


Jurkowitsch, Silke; Sarlay, Alexander: Entdecken von Vorarlberger Stickereien in Westafrika: Zukunftspapier (German Edition), 2009


Jurkowitsch, Silke; Sarlay, Alexander: An analysis of the current denotation and role of Wax & Fancy fabrics in the world of African textiles, International Journal of Management Cases, Access Press, Vol 12 Issue 3, 2010


Sarlay, Alexander; Cicek, Melissa: Zukunftspapier inclusive Proof of Concept Museum der Völker, pages 131, 2016


Sarlay, Alexander: Machbarkeitsstudie Afrika, M-Pulso, SOS – Kinderdorf, pages 164, 2015


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